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The Notorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin

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The Notorious Benedict Arnold

Steve Sheinkin
2010, Roaring Book Press
ISBN – 9781596434868
Age – Young Adult
Genre – Nonfiction
5 Stars



Everybody knows Benedict Arnold as one of the first American traitors, but not everyone knows his full story of bravery and heroism as an American Revolutionary fighter. Sheinkin tells Arnold’s story from birth to death with all the good, the bad, and the ugly in between. He depicts his less than honorable childhood, his struggle to regain his good name, his rise in the first American Army, and his ultimate fall from grace. This narrative nonfiction is action packed and full of drama, and may actually have you empathize with Arnold until the very end.

The writing is well researched by Steve Sheinkin, who is obviously very interested in the era, and specifically Benedict Arnold. It is full of fact to pique your interest, and not just teach a history lesson. Well Done!

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