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The Princesses of Iowa by M. Molly Backes

12384972The Princesses of Iowa
M. Molly Backes
2012 Candlewick Press
ISBN – 9780763653125
Age – Young Adult
3 Stars

Paige Sheridan has aspired to be Homecoming Queen just like her mother since she was in Middle School. All her hard work seems to be paying off. Until One night just before summer break, she leaves a party intoxicated, and allows her other drunk friend to drive her home. After a horrible car accident her parent exile her to Paris for the summer, which is somehow a punishment. When she returns just before school starts she learns that everything has changed. Her boyfriend and her friends all seem different, but maybe she is the one who changed. We follow Paige as she makes friends with the less popular kids at school, who make her question whether if everything she worked so hard for, is actually what she wants.

Backes writes with an honesty that made me wonder if she was a popular kid or not during high school. The great thing about this book is that Paige is a relatable character no matter what crowd you are (were) or are not (were not) a part of. She is battling the same  battle that many teens do, trying to find a spot in the world, a place to fit, where one can be themselves.


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