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Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

6482837Before I Fall
Lauren Oliver
2010 Harper
ISBN – 9780061726804
Age – Young Adult
Genre – Fantasy



Samantha is a popular senior in high school. Her and her group of friends do what they want, when they want to without thinking about anyone else. That is until the last day of their lives. It starts off a typical Friday, February 12th, a school day with a party to look forward to later in the evening. However, this typical day spirals out of control and ultimately leads to Sam’s death.

The next morning Sam wakes up, only to find that she hasn’t died, in fact it is the same day. She continues to live February 12th over again for a week. Will she realize what is important in life that she has been neglecting? Will she change herself, or others in time to save themselves from destruction?

Before I Fall starts off slowly not to mention repetitively, however as Sam begins to realize what is going on, her days, her attitude, and her life begin to change ultimately making for a more interesting read. Although the book is full of cliches, and shallow, annoying characters, it does a great job of demonstrating that every action we take produces reactions, and that we should keep other people in mind throughout our daily lives.


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