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The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

13377The House of the Scorpion
Nancy Farmer
2002 Antheneum Books
ISBN – 9780689852220
Age – Young Adult
Genre – Futuristic, Dystopian
3 Stars

Matteo Alacran is different from other children. He is a clone that has been harvested and grown inside of a cow. He grows up as an outcast, as all clones are. As he comes of age he realizes that the purpose of his life is not to be loved, but to be used by his rich “father.” As his father becomes sicker Matteo realizes that his life may be a lot shorter that he thought. When he finds out that his heart will be needed, he must make a decision whether to help is father, or live the life he always felt he deserved.

Nancy Farmer battles with issues of love, growing up, and fitting in in this book. She does so with eloquence. There are times that I absolutely loved this book, but in the end, I felt that it left something to be desired. The ending of the book did not seem to fit the progression of the story. It just didn’t make sense. Or maybe it just didn’t end the way I wanted it to. I also found that for the most part there wasn’t a whole lot happening.


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