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A pet Named Sneaker by Joan Heilbroner

imagesA Pet Named Sneaker
Joan Heilbroner
Illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre
2013 Beginner Books
ISBN – 9780307975805
Age – Early Reader
4 Stars

Sneaker, a snake waited  at the pet store to be chosen and taken to his home. He watches many children come in and pick out more furry and cuddly friends to take home. Then one day a boy named Pete came into the store and left with Sneaker! They played games and always had a good time together. One day Sneaker decided he didn’t want to stay home by himself, so he hid in Pete’s backpack and went to school with him. This was the start of many adventures to come!

This is an adorable book about a not so conventional pet. I think it is a great lesson in not judging someone/something before you really know them. The writing is simple making it a great early reading book. The pictures are bright and hilarious, they will make you laugh out loud. What a great book about unlikely friendships!


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