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Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

Cherie Priest
2009 Tor Books
ISBN – 9780765318411
Genre – Steampunk
Age – Young Adult, Adult
2.5 Stars

During the Civil War in Seattle, talk of a Klondike gold rush had inventors rushing to create a device to make mining easier. Leviticus Blue has invented that machine. However, during the test of the Boneshaker, he breaks through an underground line of Blight gas. The gas turns people into zombie like creatures when it is inhaled. In the aftermath of these events a wall is built to keep the gases in the old city.

Sixteen years later Briar, who is Leviticus’s widow lives with her son, who is coming of age and becoming very curious about his father. He has heard all of the stories but does not want to believe them. One day he decides to sneak into the old city to find out the truth about his father. Briar must go in after him to ensure his safe return.

I have such mixed feelings about this book. It has all of the aspects of a great read, zombies, pirates, airships, action, and adventure. Cherie Priest does a fine job of setting up the scene of old Seattle. Her descriptions and character development is very detailed, almost too detailed. There were times when I couldn’t put the book down, unfortunately these times weren’t very common. For the most part, I couldn’t have cared less to read any more. The story was solid, yet it suffered from a bit of tediousness. I think this would be a great movie adaptation!


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