Posted in Young Adult Lit

Wither by Lauren DeStefano

Lauren DeStafano
2011 Simon & Schuster
ISBN – 9781442409064
Genre – Futuristic, Dystopian
Age – Young Adult
3.5 Stars

In the near future, medical advancements have become medical setbacks. Every child born faces a very short life span. Girls die at the age of twenty, and guys at the age of twenty five. In this world girls are often kidnapped and forced into marriage at a very young age. Rich men often buy multiple wives in order to have a lot of children. Rhine is sixteen years old, and wakes up in a mansion far away from her twin brother. She is to become a forced wife. As she deals with being a prisoner and a wife, she forms relationships with her two other sister wives, her husband, and one particular member of the house staff. Will she ever escape her prison and find her brother?

I enjoyed many aspects of this book. I like the way DeStafano paid attention to minute details that really wouldn’t have changed the story, but made reading it more enjoyable. I often felt like I was next to Rhine, smelling the air and the gardens with her. Although the book was very slow starting, it was good and suspenseful until the very last sentence. It is books like these that a particularly frightening to me, because they may seem unrealistic in our minds, but they stem from something that is currently happening. Well thought out, I am excited to see what happens in book two!


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