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A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

474858A Bad Case of Stripes
David Shannon
1998 The Blue Sky Press
ISBN – 9780590929974
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool, Early Elementary
4 Stars


Camilla always wanted to fit in. She loved lima beans, but she never ate them because all of her friends hated them. On the first day of school one year, she was even more afraid of not fitting in, thus she tried on 42 different outfits before she decided on a pretty dress. But when she looked in the mirror, she saw a frightful sight, her skin was covered with stripes! When she went to school everyone made fun of her and her skin kept changing patterns. The principal called her parents and explained that she was too much of a distraction to come to school until her skin got back to normal. Many doctors and specialists come to visit Camilla, but will any of them be able to figure out what is wrong, and help Camilla to fit in again?

In the first couple pages of this book, I was a little weirded out. The illustration on the first page was very old timey, and not very appealing, not to mention the overall horror of this story. However as the story went on, I couldn’t help but laugh. The illustrations also began to grow on me as they became more colorful and humorous. Be prepared because this book has some serious twists that you would never expect! This one is fun for preschoolers through second graders.


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