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A New House for Mouse by Petr Horacek

1195359A New House for Mouse
Petr Horacek
2004 Candlewick Press
ISBN – 9780763625177
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Toddler, Preschool
4.5 Stars

Mouse leaves his mouse hole one day and finds a big red apple. He tries to bring it back to his home, but his hole is too small for him and his apple. He goes on a journey to find a new bigger home, but every hole he sees is already full! As he goes on his journey, he eats more and more of his apple. At the end of the day, his apple is gone, and he fits perfectly into his own bed!

Ever since I read Jonathan & Martha I have sought out more books by Petr Horacek. I absolutely love his illustrations and how they are similar to A Very Hungry Caterpillar, with some differences. He takes special care to add appropriate facial expressions to all of his characters. I also love his cleverly placed peekaboo holes in many of the pages, so kids can peak into the many holes in which the mouse encounters. His stories are all pretty simple, and this one is no different. Simple as it may be, the story is adorable, and fun for younger audiences as well as preschoolers. Adorable as always!


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