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Bark, George by Jules Feiffer

595586Bark, George
Jules Feiffer
1999 Harper Collins Publishers
ISBN – 9780062051851
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Toddler, Preschool
4.5 Stars

George’s mother asked him to bark one day, and instead he meowed. She explains to him that cats meow, and asks him to bark again. Instead he quacks. After making several different animal noises including a pig and a cow, she decides something is wrong and takes him to the vet. The doctor quickly diagnoses George when he meows and pulls a cat out of his stomach. Then when he quacks next, he pulls a duck out of his stomach, and so on!

I adore this book. Not only are the illustrations simple and amazing, it is great for a wide range of ages. I tend to have a hard time falling in love with books appropriate for toddlers, but this one wins my heart. This is great for getting a laugh out of kids. They know what noises the dog should make, and this helps them to identify other animal noises. It also allows the reader to be playfully wrong so the child can correct them. We all know kids love it when adults are wrong. The idea of a doctor pulling several animals out of another is quirky, and just wait until you reach the end!


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