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The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

766020The Rainbow Fish
Marcus Pfister
1992 North South
ISBN – 9781558580091
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
4.5 Stars


There was one fish in the sea who was the most beautiful of all. He had rainbow and shiny silver scales. All of the other fish wanted to play with the rainbow fish, but he was too proud and swam around showing off his beautiful scales. One day another fish politely asked him for one of his silver scales. When the rainbow fish would not give him one,  the little fish told everyone how mean rainbow fish was. Although he knew he was beautiful, rainbow fish was lonely and unhappy. He sought out the wise octopus to find out why no one liked him. The wise octopus told him that he must share his silver scales, and even though he may no longer be the most beautiful fish, he will find happiness.

This book is all around beautiful. The water colored illustrations are in rich cool colors, with a hint of sparkle on every page. The rainbow fish’s silver scales are actually holographic, which gives the pictures an added dimension. The story is also a great lesson about friendship and sharing. In the beginning the fish is too vain, and no one wants to be his friend, but when he humbles himself and shares his beauty, he finds many friends and great happiness! Good life lesson.


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