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Do Not Build a Frankenstein by Neil Numberman

6457866Do Not Build a Frankenstein
Neil Numberman
2009 Greenwillow Books
ISBN – 9780061568169
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Toddler Preschool
4 Stars

The new boy in town stands up and gives the other kids some very important advice. They should under no circumstances build a Frankenstein! Although they seem like fun at first, they can become very irritating. For instance they may break your toys, try to scare you, and always follow you around. As he screams one last time “DO NOT BUILD A FRANKENSTEIN!” the monster hears his name and comes running! Then he starts up a game of tag and all of the kids join!

This is a pretty cute book. My favorite part is the pictures. Frankenstein as portrayed in this book is pretty goofy looking, not scary at all. He seems like loads of fun, although the little boy does a good job of pointing out the negatives. However, what little kid could possible pass up playing tag with this fun and goofy looking giant?!?  The expressions on the young boy’s face is truly passionate, and heartfelt as he pleads to the town children. It might be a fun question to ask kids what they would do if they had their own personal Frankenstein. This one is sure to get some laughs.


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