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Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by Eric Litwin

12875557Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
Eric Litwin
Illustrated by James Dean
2012 Harper
ISBN – 9780062110589
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Toddler
5 Stars


Pete the cat loves his four groovy buttons, so much that he sings the song “My Buttons, my buttons, my four groovy buttons.” But then one pops off, but Pete doesn’t get upset because “Buttons come and buttons go.” He just continues to sing his song with three buttons. Buttons keep popping off and Pete keeps singing a song with the new number, until he has no buttons left!

I love this book. The illustrations are very basic, yet really funny. The look on Pete’s face is pretty much priceless on every page! This is a great book for toddlers for several reasons. It lends itself (really demands) to being sung. The song is repetitive throughout the book, making it easy for kids to sing along. It also is interactive in the counting of buttons. Each time a button pops off the book asks how many buttons are left. I have also seen this book read during a toddler story time, it was a big hit with the 2-3 year olds!


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