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I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak

19057I Am The Messenger
Markus Zusak
2005 Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN – 9780375830990
Genre – Realistic Fiction (vaguely)
Age – High School
3 Stars


Ed Kennedy is a 19 year old cab driver in Australia. His life seems like it is going down a dead end street. One day he is at a bank during a robbery, and somehow manages to stop the robber while he is trying to getaway, quickly becoming a local hero. Soon after this he receives the Ace of Diamonds in his mail with three addresses and times written on it. He visits these three locations and realizes that he must help out the people and families that live in each place. After he helps the first three, another Ace arrives, and then another until he has solved each puzzle on all four Aces. Each person and each family on these Aces changes his life in many different ways.

This book was a quick read, and was very insightful. It was interesting, and engaging. So why only 3 stars? Maybe it is because it wasn’t exciting. But I really think it only got 3 stars from me because it was a far cry from The Book Thief, which is one of my favorite YA books ever. It just felt lacking, in a way that I can’t really describe. Maybe it was because I just couldn’t stand behind Ed Kennedy. I suppose that he was being given a wake up call that he needed, but I just don’t feel like he deserved the opportunity, mean as that sounds. This is a hard one to write. Read it yourself, if you have extra time and nothing else better to do. It won’t waste your time, but will it effectively enhance it? I don’t know, maybe.


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