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Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton

3479278Splat the Cat
Rob Scotton
2008 Harper Collins Publishers
ISBN 9780060891547
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
4.5 Stars


Splat the Cat woke up on his first day of school. He was very nervous and tried many tactics to get out of going. His mom finally convinced him to go, packed his lunch, and dropped him off at school. What she didn’t know is that he was so nervous he packed his friend Seymour the mouse in his lunchbox. When he got to school his teacher taught him that cats are amazing. The are clever, cunning, and quick. He was so excited to learn this that he relaxed a little bit. When he opened his lunch all the other cats started chasing Seymour. Splat had to save Seymour, but in the end it seemed that maybe Seymour saved the day for the cats. The next day Splat wasn’t nearly so scared to go to school.

After reading Russell the Sheep, I instantly found Splat the Cat by the same author/illustrator Rob Scotton. As I suspected, another winner. Scotton is really fantastic at super illustrations. They are cute, and funny, and engaging! Splat is no exception. An neither is Splat’s story. I think this would be a great book for kids who are about to start school. It demonstrates how fun it can be, and how great it is to make friends. It does this in a way that is goofy and funny, and sure to pique the interest of little kids.


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