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The Monster Who Lost his Mean by Tiffany Strelitz Haber

11286103The Monster Who Lost his Mean
Tiffany Strelitz Haber
Illustrated by Kristie Edmunds
2012 Henry Holt and Company
ISBN – 9780805093759
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
4 Stars

Monsters are a mean and scary group of creatures. One day, a monster lost his M, which stands for Mean. Now he is just an Onster. All of the other Monsters laugh at him and tease him. The Onster searches high and low, and left and right, and everywhere for his M, to no avail. When he can’t find it, he decides to try out the life of an Onster, and is nice and fun, and friends with all the children. He has lots of fun with his new friends, but will he ever be able to deal with the Monsters making fun of him all the time?

This was a super cute book. I have been on a big kick with picture books about monsters if you hadn’t noticed. As far as I am concerned, monsters are the new black! The monsters in this book are brilliantly illustrated. Their scary faces are really funny and expressive. The text includes different fonts sizes and colors, which makes reading and following the words more fun for the younger audience. I like that this story teaches the importance of being nice and friendship and how hurtful it is when your friends are mean and hurtful to you.

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