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The Isle of Blood by Rick Yancey (The Monstrumologist #3)

9955669The Isle of Blood
Rick Yancey
2011 Simon and Schuster
ISBN – 9781416984528
Genre – Horror
Age – High School
4 Stars


In this third book in the Monstrumologist series, Dr. Pellinore Warthrop, famed monstrumologist, leaves Will Henry in New York to search out the Holy Grail of monsters. After a package arrives late one night Dr. Warthrop and mysterious new student, Arkwright, head off to London to seek out the magnificum. Months go by before Will Henry hears any updates, then one night he receives correspondence from Arkwright that his master has died. Upon this letter Will Henry questions Arkwright’s motives and sets off to London to find Warthrop. He finds him locked away in an insane asylum for his own protection. When he helps to free his master, they continue on the quest to find the magnificum, the monster of all monsters.

Although I did like this book, it certainly was not as amazing as the first two books in the trilogy. The writing is still great. It has imagination, language, and depth that not many young adult novels have, but it seemed like there was two much going on. It seemed as though it was two books in one. Or maybe it felt like it didn’t start until Will Henry found Dr. Warthrop. Once they commenced their journey, it felt much like the other books. I did really love the ending. It felt right to end a trilogy the way Yancey did. And then I found out that a fourth book is coming out at the end of this summer. Although I feel like it is slightly ridiculous when authors won’t let a series die, I must say, I was happy to hear this news. I hope it is just as good as the first two books. Although the third was not as good, I was still very wrapped up in Yancey’s writing and storytelling abilities!


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