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Happy Birthday Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel

6399428Happy Birthday Bad Kitty
Nick Bruel
2009 Roaring Book Press
ISBN – 9781596433427
Genre – Humor
Age – Early Elementary
4.5 Stars


It is Bad Kitty’s Birthday, but she doesn’t want to wake up, until her favorite breakfast is served. After that the preparations for her party begin. They hang the decorations, which she destroys. The guests arrive, and they are all strange, and they all bring bad gifts, and they all get stolen. What kind of shenanigans will Bad Kitty and all of her friends get into? Will she find her missing presents, and get the one thing she wants the most?

So I just discovered the Bad Kitty series for early readers (not picture books,) and I love them just as much. First of all, I love cats, and all of the wacky things they do! Nick Bruel’s illustrations are hilarious and they accurately portray the attitude of not only Bad Kitty, but all of her friends. The story is great fun for kids between the ages of 5-9. And even adults that are young at heart! I just bought this for a 6 year old’s birthday and it was a big hit. Another really fantastic thing about this book are Uncle Murray’s sections. The more Bad Kitty books you read, the more you see how much she hates Uncle Murray. However, in this book, Uncle Murray teaches the reader interesting and true facts about cats. For instance, cats should not eat chocolate! Then at the end of the book, a few breeds that are portrayed in Bad Kitty’s birthday guests are described. It is a great melding of fun and fact.


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