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Is Everyone Ready for Fun? by Jan Thomas

11477054Is Everyone Ready for Fun?
Jan Thomas
2011 Beach Lane Books
ISBN – 9781442423640
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Toddler
4.5 Stars


Three cows are looking to have some fun at Chicken’s house. First they jump up and down on Chicken’s sofa. But Chicken doesn’t want the Cows to jump on his sofa. So next  they dance back and forth on Chicken’s sofa, but Chicken doesn’t want them to do that either. Next they wiggle to and fro on Chicken’s sofa. When Chicken says there will be no more jumping dancing or wiggling there is only one thing left to do…on Chicken’s sofa!

This is a great book that will help to teach toddlers actions and motor skills! When you read the book, you can jump, dance, and wiggle with your child! The illustrations in this book are a great transition between books for infants, and more intricately illustrated books for preschool aged children. The drawings are simple, with bold black lines, and simple bright colors. It is quite easy for a toddler to focus on. Not to mention the faces! OK so I realize I often mention the facial expressions in picture books. I am realizing now how important facial expressions are, and how they can change the whole tone of the book. Well played Jan Thomas, Well Played!


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