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Balloon Toons: Hiccup! by Mike Herrod

13330340Balloon Toons: Hiccup!
Mike Herrod
2012 Blue Apple Books
ISBN – 9781609052553
Genre – Graphic Novel
Age Early Elementary
4 Stars


It is the day of the school play for Jamie, and he is so nervous he doesn’t want to go to school. After his dad makes him his favorite breakfast, Jamie gets a case of the hiccups. When he gets the hiccups they always last a long long time, and now he is afraid that his hiccups will ruin the play! When he gets to school, he sees Jenna the star of the play, and she tries everything she can to help him get rid of his hiccups. She even enlists the help of other kids at school, Mr. Beakerbottom, and Coach Bloat. Will anybody be able to help Jamie get rid of the hiccups and save the play?

This is my first Children’s graphic novel, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I can definitely see the value in graphic novels for young children. The pictures in each frame are bright and descriptive, they really helped explain the story. I also think that the amount of words per picture makes the book seem less intimidating for beginning readers. I thought the story was fun. The possible hiccup cures were creative and hilarious, sure to make the kids laugh. I also thought that Mike Herrod properly captured the attitude and personalities of elementary aged students. They are nervous, scared, and at times can be very self centered. I really think these graphic novels have a place next to early reader books, and can even be great to mix options for learning readers.


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