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Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

13493463Eve and Adam
Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate
2012 Macmillan Audio
ISBN – 9781427226631
Genre – Science Fiction
Age – High School
1.5 Stars


Evening is in a terrible car accident. She wakes up after a 14 hour surgery to reattach her leg, to her mother trying to pull her out of the hospital and transfer her to the Spiker pharmaceutical facility. She meets a strange boy named Solo, and finds out that he has been her mother’s ward for the last six years. Eve starts to get very bored in her immobile state when her mother gives her a project. She is to attempt to create the perfect man using a genetic computer program. She creates Adam from scratch, and uncovers a few secrets while doing it.

This was a terrible book! The story is completely non interesting and non climactic. The characters have absolutely no depth or personality. I listened to this in my car, and to make the story even worse, I hated the narrators. The different chapters were narrated by the different main characters. I like that the audio book had different narrators for the different characters. That is just about the only thing nice I had to say about it. When I finally got to the ending, I couldn’t believe it just ended. No resolution (and I hope no sequel) and no satisfaction. I really hope the Gone Novels by Grant are way better than this was.



One thought on “Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

  1. See – now I sort of liked it and thought it would appeal to a younger adolescent audience. I don’t know how it ended, because I got out of the car before we finished it, but I would buy the book – just to see how it was resolved.

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