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Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld
2005 Simon Pulse
ISBN – 9780689865381
Genre – Dystopian
Age – High School
4 Stars


Tally is going to turn sixteen soon, and she can’t wait. In her futuristic world, when you turn sixteen you undergo a surgery that turns each person from an Ugly to a Pretty. After the surgery, she will get to move to New Pretty Town, and just have fun! Then one night she meets Shay, another Ugly who will turn sixteen on the same day as her. In their last few weeks as Ugly they have lots of adventures together. The night before they are to have their operation, Shay asks Tally to come with her to another community, one in which everyone stays Ugly and they live self sufficiently off of the land. When Tally decides to stay, Shay leaves her a map in case she changes her mind. But the authorities are quite keen on finding this settlement, so they bribe Tally to lead them there. When Tally finally makes it, she learns some things about her world, that may change her mind on wanting to be a Pretty.

I like this story, as I like most Dystopian stories. I think the plot is well thought out, with originality. The characters are believable and they have depth., which in turn made the relationships between the characters believable. I really appreciated that none of the characters were to preachy even when they disapproved of certain behaviors.  I also like the way the book ended. It felt like it ended at a perfect place, there is no cliffhanger but it definitely left me wanting to read the next book. My only tiny problem with the book, was how absolutely mind numbing it was to read the parts that interact with the Pretties. They are just so shallow, but I know that is the point.


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