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Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood

11982396Glory Be
Augusta Scattergood
2012 Scholastic Press
ISBN – 9780545331807
Genre – Historical Fiction
Age – Elementary School
4 Stars


It is 1964 and the summer that Glory will turn 12. Things are beginning to change in Moss Hill Mississippi. People from the North called Freedom Workers have been coming into town to help African Americans gain more rights in the South and many residents of Moss Hill are not happy. As the 4th of July and Glory’s birthday approaches, she fights to keep the public pool open for her birthday celebration. She then makes a new friend, the daughter of a Freedom Worker from the north. Through the changes in her town and her new friendships, Glory learns how to be true to herself, and she learns that things may never be the same again. 

This is a beautifully and simply written story. It reminds me that although the issues of the civil rights movement were complicated, they were also simple in many ways. From the viewpoint of a child it could be hard to understand what the big issue was. I like that Glory was open to new experiences, and she stood up for what she believed even though many people did not agree with her. That can be a very hard thing to do for a child and even adults. Glory Be is an easy to read book with some difficult to understand concepts. Perfect for a young child to learn about history and the civil rights movement. 


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