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The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman

6760780The Grimm Legacy
Polly Shulman
2010 G. T. Putnam’s Sons
ISBN – 9780399250965
Genre – Fantasy
Age – High School
3.5 Stars


Elizabeth’s father just remarried a woman with two not so nice daughters. The only way he can afford to put them through college, he must transfer Elizabeth to a new, cheaper school. In order to waylay her loneliness she take a job at the New York Circulating Material Repository. It is similar to a library, but instead of circulating books, it circulates objects. Soon after starting, Elizabeth hears about the secretive and magical Grimm Collection. It contains the magical items you hear about in fairy tales, like Snow White’s mirror, mermaid combs, and more. Lately someone has been stealing objects from this magical collection. Is it a patron, or maybe even a staff member. Elizabeth and her friends put themselves into the line of danger in attempts to try and get to the bottom of the mischief.

I liked this book. I think the idea of putting together all of the magical elements of fairy tales is a really fun one. I also love the idea of “different” kinds of libraries. It reminds me of the Human Library (yes its real!) Throughout the book, the dangers felt real, no matter how crazy they were. Overall, it was just fun to read and get into. One big issue I had was that it just was wrapped up into such a neat little package in the end. In order to make it a happy ever after ending, things were explained simply and ridiculously. Although this did bother me, I realize that is kind of how fairy tales work. I just expected a little bit more of reality in a YA fairy tale.


One thought on “The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman

  1. Glad you finally read it – I found the intrigue of the historical items fascinating and like you, didn’t like the ending.

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