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Hank Finds an Egg by Rebecca Dudley

17263567Hank Finds an Egg
Rebecca Dudley
2013 Peter Pauper Press, Inc.
ISBN – 9781441311580
Genre – Picture Book, Wordless Book
Age – Preschool
5 Stars

While walking through the forest Hank, a little bear, finds a lone egg on the ground. He sees that the egg has fallen out of a nest up in a tree. He tries to find a way to put the egg back in nest. When it starts to get late and he still can’t get the egg in the nest, he settles down for the night, making sure to protect the egg while he sleeps. The next day he is back at it again. He then finds the mama bird, and designs her a way in which she can carry the egg back up to her nest.

This book was absolutely beautiful, and sweet. Hank was the most heartwarming little guy, who made my heart melt. The graphics in this book are absolutely amazing. Rebecca Dudley, made every object in the book by hand, and then photographed each scene herself. She was able to evoke so much emotion, without changing the expression on Hank’s face. She did this with tilts of his head, different lighting, and through his tireless and heartfelt actions. Wordless books like this are fantastic for allowing young children to develop their narrative skill, and use their incredible imaginations! Must check this out!


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