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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

10798416The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Jennifer E. Smith
2012 Little, Brown and Company
ISBN – 9780316122399
Genre – Realistic Fiction, Romance
Age – High School
3.8 Stars


Hadley is on the way to her father’s wedding in London. Her and her father have been on rocky terms recently, and she hasn’t even met her soon to be stepmother. Needless to say she isn’t looking forward to this trip. All day long things have not been going as planned and in the end she misses her flight. Luckily (or not) she is put on the next flight and should still be able to make it on time to the wedding. While waiting in the airport she meets Oliver, a good looking British guy who is going to school in America. She ends up sitting next to him on the plane and they share an instant connection. When they arrive in London, the busy airport customs splits them apart and she is forced to go to her father’s wedding knowing she will never see him again.

This book is fun, cheesy, and romantic. Hadley and Oliver and the fact that they walk into each other’s lives may be improbable, but that’s the point. Their relationships with their parents are greatly described while they are on the plane are completely believable and relatable to teenagers. This is a great exploration of fate, and the possibility of happiness if only you open your heart and your mind. Although the underlying theme of this book is romance, it gives so much more than two cutesy teenagers.


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