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Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos

15814439Mustache Baby
Bridget Heos
Illustrated by Joy Ang
2013 Clarion Books
ISBN – 9780547773575
Genre – Picture Book
Age Preschool
4 Stars

When Billy was born, something was a little bit off. He had a mustache! When his parents asked the nurse about this, she explained that it could be a good-guy mustache or a bad-guy mustache. At first it was obvious that his mustache was good, he protected his cattle, cared for injured animals, and mended broken fences. This continued until one day his mustache grew bigger and curled at the ends. It was turning into a bad guy mustache! He turned to a life of crime, and eventually ended up in jail. What will happen to Baby Billy?

It is hilarious to think of a baby as a good guy protecting the world around him, but it is even funnier to picture a baby becoming a criminal. The illustrations wonderfully compliment the hilarious text of Baby Mustache. Some pages are full of smaller pictures of his actions, both good and bad, but others are two page spreads of Baby Billy and his conquests in the world of Baby Mustaches. Although it breaks your heart to see poor Billy in jail, his parents soon bail him out and spring a great surprise on him!


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