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What’s With This Room? by Tom Lichtenheld

2125683What’s with this Room?
Tom Lichtenheld
2005 Little, Brown and Company
ISBN – 9780316592864
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool, Early Elementary
4.5 Stars


The little boy’s room is so messy. His clothes are everywhere, his underwear hanging from the ceiling fan. He may even have dead monsters hiding under his bed. He’s got strange animals and vermin in his closet. With all this mess his parents wonder why he has never cleaned it up. The kid claims that it isn’t a mess and that everything is planned. It isn’t a mess, its science and art. He has an explanation for everything, that is until his latest science project has a small explosion.

This book is amazing. Each line has rhyme and rhythm which makes it fun to read and to listen. The illustrations are super fun. Most kids don’t enjoy cleaning up their room, and these pictures show what can happen if they wait too long. It is full of fun and imaginative creatures, that may actually scare the kids into cleaning, but more likely it will just make them giggle! Just when you think the little boy has justified it all, the story comes to an explosive ending…literally!


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