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Brief Thief by Michael Escoffier

16057548Brief Thief
Michael Escoffer
Illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo
2013 Enchanted Lion Books
ISBN – 9781592701315
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
3.5 Stars


After Leon enjoyed his breakfast, and sunned on a rock, he had to poo. Yup you read that right, he had to poo. He finds a good place to go, but when he is done he realizes there is no toilet paper. He frantically searches and finds a pair of holey underwear. He finishes up his business and goes on his way. But then he hears a voice, it is his conscience telling him that he may have fouled underwear that belonged to someone else. His conscience forces him to scrub the underwear and hang it to dry where it was found.

I thought Brief Thief was great, for the most part. I thought the beginning was hilarious in its abruptness, and the end has a hilarious surprise that I won’t give away. I just thought the middle in which Leon is being lectured by his conscience was a bit excessive. It is one thing to have your conscience tell you right and wrong, but it was a bit too much of a rant for me. Aside from that I think kids will really love this book. Not only is the text hilarious, but the illustrations are as well. They are not bold, but they are not dull. They have a sort of Goldilocks “just right” feeling. They are rough and whimsical and they just plain made me laugh. 


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