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Gandhi: A March to the Sea by Alice McGinty

16290039Gandhi: A March to the Sea
Alice McGinty
Illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez
2013 Amazon Children’s Publishing
ISBN – 9781477816448
Genre – Picture Book, Nonfiction, Poetry
Age – Early Elementary, Elementary
3.5 Stars


In 1930, Gandhi decided to protest England’s rule over India. England declared that the people of India were not allowed to use the salt from the sea, they had to purchase salt from the British and pay the exorbitant taxes on salt. Gandhi only practiced nonviolent protests and this picture book in verse tells the story of his twenty four day march to the sea and its lasting effects.

I liked this book for a few different reasons. I absolutely love the idea of nonfiction picture books. It is not always easy to pull off, but this one works. Although I am not a huge fan of poetry and books in verse, I liked this one. I find that they are often too dramatic. The story of Gandhi’s march is a dramatic one, and the format and tone of this poetry is fitting. Now for the best part, the illustrations! Holy Cow! They look so real, but not quite like a photograph. It really makes the book magical. The lines, details, light, and shadows are completely realistic. I like that the backgrounds are just that, they fade to the back, yet they are still beautiful. Each page really has a focus and they compliment the text, the history, and the nature of the story. I think this is a great book for kids in elementary school. Not only does it use a more uncommon format, but it teaches a great life lesson, and history.



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