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That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown by Cressida Cowell

671427That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown
Cressida Cowell
Illustrated by Neal Layton
2007 Hyperion
ISBN – 9781423106456
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
4.5 Stars

Emily Brown has a stuffed bunny named Stanley and they do everything together. One day they were going into outer space to search for other forms of life, when the Chief Footman to the Queen came knocking on the door. The Queen had noticed her bunny and wanted it, she offered a new golden teddy bear in return. Emily did not want the golden teddy bear and declined the offer, after all she loves Stanley. The two friends return to their adventures only to run into one after another after another of the Queen’s staff attempting to make a trade for the Stanley. However, no amount of wonderful toys could change Emily’s mind. In the end it is Emily that comes up with a perfect solution that makes everyone happy.

This adorable book could be such a great read aloud book if you can speak in an acceptable British accent. Each person that comes to trade toys for Stanley, speaks to Emily in Quote bubbles, so you actually get to characters and voices. Each one also refers to Stanley as “Bunnywunny” much to Emily’s chagrin. Many kids will relate to Emily’s imagination and adventurous attitude. They will also relate to having an attachment to a stuffed buddy. The illustrations perfectly capture her time in space, in the desert, under the sea, and more. Many pages combine real photographs with the illustrations, almost in the style of Knuffle Bunny. All of this mixed with a super sweet ending make this a real winner.


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