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The Bridge by Jane Higgins

11052827The Bridge
Jane Higgins
2012 Tundra Books
ISBN – 9781770494374
Genre – Dystopian
Age – High School
3 Stars


The city is divided and the bridges are guarded. The northside is full of the more wealthy people, while southsiders live in poverty and squalor. They don’t have proper medicine, and they never have enough to eat. Their main desire is to overrun the northside and live in equality. Nik is an orphan northsider who is in high school, and destined for a great career with the Internal Security and Intelligence Services. However, when ISIS comes to recruit, they don’t pick him. Then the hostiles overrun the bridges, bomb Nik’s school and much of the city, and they kidnap his friend, Sol. Along with Sol’s sister, Nik goes looking for his friend. While on the other side of the bridges, Nik learns that all of the propaganda pounded into his head for years, may not be 100% true.

Another Dystopian book, you ask? Yes. Not only do I really enjoy a good dystopian, but so do the teens. I have gotten used to hearing “I read The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Legend, and I really want to read more books like that. ” So I am constantly trying to find good quality dystopian novels that are not necessarily well known. Is The Bridge one of them? Meh. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t great. It just didn’t have much action. The two main characters just walked around, and did menial tasks. No one had any depth to them, and they didn’t make me want to root for them, at least not til the very end. I’m pretty sure that the last 20 pages of the book were the best, but certainly not for the reasons you would expect from this genre. I also thought it was very stereotypical. It just didn’t feel like there was a ton of original thought.


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