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A Long, Long, Sleep by Anna Sheehan

10271616A Long, Long, Sleep
Anna Sheehan
2011 Brilliance Audio
ISBN – 9781455820504
Genre – Science Fiction, Audiobook
Age – High School
3.8 Stars


Woken by a kiss from a strange boy, Rosalinda Fitzroy is disoriented and confused. She soon finds out that she has been asleep for sixty two years. Her parents, her boyfriend, and everyone she knows is dead. The world has gone through the “Dark Times,” that killed millions of people and changed life on earth forever. Now she has to come to terms with this new unknown life. Back in her normal life her father was the head of a gigantic interplanetary corporation, and now she must be groomed to take over upon her eighteenth birthday. Will Rosalinda be able to put the past behind her and move forward, or will the past force itself upon her new life?

This book surprised me. It had way more depth than I thought it was going to have. Not to mention it is the first audiobook in a while that didn’t really annoy me. The narrator’s voice was completely inoffensive, and I liked that she actually used noticeably different and fitting voices for each different character. Sometimes I disliked Rose’s self deprecating attitude, but I came to realize that it was all situational. I liked that it wasn’t a cut and dry romance book like so many of the new YA science fiction novels seem to be. It has action, friendship, conflict, and love. When I say love, I mean really strange completely atypical teenage sappy driveling love. Huzzah to that!


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