Posted in Young Adult Lit

waveThe 5th Wave

Rick Yancey
2013 Putnam Juvenile
ISBN – 9780399162411
Genre – Science Fiction
Age – High School
3.9 Stars
So far there have been four waves of attacks, and the aliens are most certainly winning. With a majority of the human population decimated, the remaining survivors have learned to trust no one. After all, somehow the aliens look completely human. Cassie watched her mother and father die, and now she is in search of her brother, who was sent to a safe camp. She travels alone, because she is the only one she can trust. That is until she meets Evan. She has just been shot and is minutes away from death, and then she wakes up in a clean and mysterious bedroom in someone else’s clothing. Enter Evan. He says he wants to help her find her brother, but can Cassie trust him? More importantly can she survive without him?

I liked this book a good amount. I liked how it was set up. The book is broken up into several sections, and each section changes the viewpoint. This was great because it was made very apparent how the invasion affected people in different situations. I really liked the main character Cassie. She is a strong female personality, at times she is stubborn, but overall I feel like she is a realistic person in the most unrealistic of situations. I like that she has a battle inside of herself to decide whether to trust another and accept help. I liked that it was not an easy decision. She doesn’t just fall head over heels for the handsome man who comes to her rescue. There is some amount of predictability throughout the story, but not so much that it becomes a pointless read. It has a fast and exciting pace that easily combats that issue. I really do enjoy Rick Yancey’s writing, although this was definitely not my favorite.


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