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Carnivores, by Aaron Reynolds

Aaron Reynolds
Illustrated by Dan Santat
2013 Chronicle Books
ISBN – 9780811866903
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
5 Stars

The lion, the great white shark, and the timber wolf are all carnivores. But just because they eat other animals doesn’t mean that their feelings don’t get hurt. None of the other animals are nice to them. So all three get together and decide what they must do. Their first solution is to become vegetarian, but that didn’t seem to work for them. Next they tried to dress up to blend in, but the other animals saw through their disguises. In the end they decide to consult with the wise old owl and he teaches them how to live happily as carnivores.

I love love love this book! First of all it is hilarious. Everything about it is funny. The text, the subject, and most of all the illustrations. They all meld together perfectly. One of my favorite things about the illustrations is the eyes of every animal, especially the timid little bunnies. The ending just seems appropriate, and there is quite a surprise twist with the owl! Warning, this book is probably not for those who are avid vegetarians for certain moral reasons. It may not be your kind of humor, but it sure is mine!


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