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Just One Day, by Gayle Forman

dayJust One Day
Gayle Forman
2013 Speak
ISBN – 9780142422953
Genre – (Un)Realistic Fiction
Age – High School
3.9 Stars

After Allyson Healy finishes her last year of high school, her parents send her on the trip of a lifetime. She has been travelling around Europe with her best friend for three weeks. As her trip nears its end, she meets an attractive and outgoing boy named Willem, and spontaneously decides to change her plans and go to Paris with him for a day. The day is amazing to say the least, but when she wakes the next morning he is gone without a trace. She is left wondering where he went, and why he left so suddenly. She returns back home and heads off to college, but it is clear that she is in a rut. Her grades are terrible, and she is massively depressed; She can’t stop thinking about Willem. The only way to turn her life around is to try to find what she lost that day.

I actually enjoyed this book. I am starting to think that not all realistic fiction is bad. However, one of my major qualms with the genre is still present here. First of all, I think Allyson, is pretty pathetic. She is the opposite of strong and independent. Blah. Telling my other issue would give away too much of the storyline. So that being said, I did like that it was suspenseful, until just about the very end. This may have been the main reason I read it so quickly. I also like the idea of new beginnings, and being able to become a better you. I like the lessons that Allyson took from her day with Willem, and learned from them, even if it took almost a year! It was a cute, easy, fast read.

After finishing Just One day, I immediately started Just One Year, the sequel. Don’t worry, I am not revealing any spoilers…Just One Year is from the perspective of Willem, and what he did in the timeframe of the first book. I liked this one too, but for completely different reasons. First off, there was no suspense…However, I liked Willem as a person so much more than Allyson. He was just an easier character for me to get behind. That’s all I can say, without saying too much!


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