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Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

milkFortunately, the Milk
Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by Skottie Young
2013 Harper Collins
ISBN – 9780062224071
Genre – Fantasy
Age – Elementary
4 Stars

When the kids realize that they have no milk for their morning cereal, dad must go to the store to buy some, but he takes an awful long time. He finally returns to the kids questions about what to him so long. He explains that he went to the store, bought the milk and then…he saw a flying saucer, which spurred an adventure including dinosaurs, pirates, time travel, and more. Throughout his adventure, he is very careful to hold on to the milk. We all know that dad and the milk make it home safely, the surprise it what happens in between!

As with most of Neil Gaiman’s books, it is full of imagination, humor, and adventure. Although the book may seem to take some pretty strange left turns, it all makes sense in the end (well, sort of.) I loved the fun characters and worlds that Gaiman built in such a short and simple book. The illustrations match the tone of the book, and add to the whimsy as well. This age group has always been really hard for me to actually enjoy, so I was very pleased by this book.


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