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Torn (Trylle #2), by Amanda Hocking

11966216Torn (Trylle #2)
Amanda Hocking
2012 St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN – 9781250006325
Genre – Fantasy
Age – High School
3.2 Stars

Spoiler Alerts don’t read if you haven’t read Switched.

Torn takes up exactly where Switched has left off. Wendy has just escaped the Trylle palace and went back home to her brother, who now she must explain everything that happened and why she had to disappear. When she is back home the Vittra (the evil Trylle???) attack and kidnap her and her brother. It is in the Vittra palace that she learns that she has quite a strong connection to the Vittra as well, she is the king’s daughter. Now she is torn between two warring sects of troll, and she must decide where to place her loyalties.

Based on the reviews I was expecting this book to me loads better than Switched, and yes it was better, but still sort of meh. Wendy grows up some, so she is not quite as obnoxious, and both the Trylle and the Vittra fill her in on her background a bit, so the story isn’t as frustrating with so many holes. Overall, it was better, but still not great for the same reasons that Switched was not that great. Again I listed to it on Audiobook, and the narrator didn’t change, so that didn’t get any better. I liked the plot better, and it ended if a horrifically wonderful way. Hocking trapped me, I must finish the series now…

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