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Momo and Snap are Not Friends!, by Airlie Anderson

18325953Momo and Snap are Not Friends!
Airlie Anderson
2013 Child’s Play
ISBN – 9781846436031
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Toddler, Preschool
4 Stars

When Momo the Monkey and Snap the Alligator first meet they try to outdo each other in all of their actions, it seems like they are not going to be friends. However, when they run into a sticky situation, it is clear that these two have a unique kind of friendship. This is in some ways a wordless book. Momo and Snap do not actually speak words to each other, they just make noises. This is a great book to help hone the little ones storytelling and narrative skills. I love the full page, super bright, and super simple illustrations. The nature of the pictures also allow children to understand what is going on despite the lack of description. Overall, a really sweet read!

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