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Ten, by Gretchen McNeil

Gretchen McNeil
2012 Balzer + Bray
ISBN – 9780062118783
Genre – Mystery, Suspense
Age – High School
2.9 Stars

Meg and her best friend Minnie received an invite to an exclusive weekend party from one of the most popular girls in school, so how could they turn it down? It was to be held in an amazing house on one of the San Juan Islands. They arrive in the middle of a big storm, and nothing is as it should be. For starters Jessica, the host isn’t even there, then one of the guests is mysteriously served peanuts, and has an allergic reaction and almost dies. After dinner, in attempts to watch a movie, they stumble upon a strange DVD that proclaims that revenge will be had. Spooked and tired, they all turn in early. The next morning Meg wakes up early only to discover one of the guests has hung herself, and this is only the first death. Slowly, guests start dying in mysterious and crazy ways. Is there someone else in the house with them, or could one of them be causing these deaths. Will anyone survive the two days until the ferry returns to pick them up?

I like the murder mystery plot, and it was a fast and engaging read. I am a complete sucker for finding out “who dunnit” plots. This one actually managed to have me guessing different characters throughout the entire book, which means it wasn’t entirely predictable from the start. So that being said, the characters drove me mad. First off, Meg and Min have the most ridiculous and unbelievable relationship. Min is completely nuts, and Meg just stands by as her punching bag for the past five years. Ummm, No. Also, the boy who Meg is in love with is also on the island. They are obviously digging each other, which is fine. But seriously, every time someone dies, Meg’s adrenaline begins to rush, only she is not sure if it is from fear or the overwhelming lusty feelings of being around him. So someone who is so thoughtful, selfless, and nerdy in the rest of her life just needs a little murder to turn her on? I think not. Drove me crazy! I think this would be a good book for teens who don’t want a book that is too deep, or takes a ton of dedication.


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