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The Lamb Who Came For Dinner, by Steve Smallman

2886232The Lamb Who Came For Dinner
by Steve Smallman
Illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy
2007 Tiger Tales
ISBN – 9781589250673
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Preschool
4.3 Stars


The big bad wolf was tired of eating vegetable soup everyday. As he wished to himself that he had the makings for lamb stew, a little lamb conveniently knocked on his door. As he prepared to cook the lamb, he came across some difficulties. At first the lamb was freezing from being outside, and the wolf hates frozen food. So of course he gave her a blanket. Then the lamb’s tummy was growling, and the wolf didn’t want to get indigestion. The list goes on and on. Will the wolf ever get his lamb stew? This book is funny, adorable, and great for a read aloud. There may not be rhyming or repetition, but the story is sure to get a laugh out of the little ones. Between the sweet face of the lamb, and the endearing ending, you’ll be melting! 


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