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The Lonely Hears CLub, by Elizabeth Eulberg

6609714The Lonely Hearts Club
Elizabeth Eulberg
2010 Point
ISBN – 9780545140317
Genre – Realistic Fiction
Age – High School
3.3 Stars

Penny has been hurt by boys for the last time, she’s had enough. Instead of battling with dating she decides to start The Lonely Hearts Club, a club for girls who do not want to date during high school, who can focus on their lives and friendships. What starts as a very small club becomes a sensation in her high school. Soon all of the popular girls have sworn off dating, and have made new friendships and rekindled old friendships. Everything is going great until the boys start complaining, and the school principle is beginning to have a problem as well. Then at the oddest of times, Penny seems to find herself crushing on a boy who seems decent. Can she let go of her reservations against boys? Will she be able to maintain her awesome strong identity and date? Will her friends accept her decision?

So many questions! So, as far as realistic fiction goes, this one isn’t bad! Ok it has all the writing and dialogue that I really don’t like, but the resounding message is positive and important. So much so, that I can let go of the big negatives. Too often girls who are just beginning to date, seem to think that they must change when in a relationship. They blow off their friends, they change the way they eat, dress, and act, all to impress someone. They have trouble realizing that any partner worth having will like you without change. So this book proves it, and it shows that there are decent guys in this world (few and far between as they may be in high school.) More importantly it shows the importance of solid and wonderful friends, and the great impact they can have on your life. So all cheesiness aside, I appreciated the message for teenage girls within this book.


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