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45 Pounds, by K.A. Barson

1342425045 Pounds
K.A. Barson
2013, Viking Juvenile
ISBN – 9780670784820
Genre – Realistic Fiction
Age – High School
2.9 Stars

Ann is sixteen years old, and has been in an ongoing battle with her weight for most of her life. While her mother is perfectly skinny at a size 6 she is perfectly unhappy at a size 17. When her Aunt announces that she is getting married in 10 weeks, she vows to lose her goal of 45 pounds, or somewhere close to it by the time of the wedding.

Oh realistic fiction, we meet again. Maybe I am starting to see some value in you after all. This one, however, falls a bit short of my expectations. While the message is a good one, and one that many young girls can relate to, the writing is a bit short of profound, and the characters a little shy of memorable.  I guess I am learning that we don’t necessarily have to be deep and profound to get an important message across. And, often it can be the easiest way to accomplish the goal.

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