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Pretty Little Liars, by Sara Shepard

162085Pretty Little Liars
Sara Shepard
2006 Harper Collins Publishers
ISBN – 9780060887308
Genre – Drama
Age – High School
2.7 Stars

Ali, Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna are all the best of friends. They are united by a secret, something that occurred in middle school, that they can never tell anyone. A year after this occurrence Ali mysteriously disappears during a sleepover, and is never found again. Now, three years later, the remaining four girls have grown apart and hardly speak to each other. Now that their lives have completely changed, their pasts have mysteriously resurfaced. Someone keeps e-mailing and texting the four girls about the secrets they are carrying. Has Ali come back, or is someone playing a really mean game.

I’m slightly embarrassed by this one, but a friend tried to get me to watch the TV series, so I compromised and read the book. In NO way is this quality writing, it does not set forth an important message, and there really is no depth to anything within the pages. That being said, it is brain candy. I zipped through the book in 3 hours, and have since started the second one. Ugh. They are fast paced, each chapter focuses on a single girl and rotates throughout the book. It is suspenseful, and fun, and mind-numbing. I am not sure how many I will read as there are 13 so far, and you can guarantee that this will be my only review on this series. Now I can go back to reading them in silence!


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