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If You Could Be Mine, by Sara Farizan

17302571If You Could Be Mine
Sarah Farizan
2013, Alqonquin Young Readers
ISBN – 9781616202514
Genre – Reallistic Fiction, Cultural Fiction, LGBTQ
Age – High School
3.2 Stars

Sahar and Nasrin have been in love ever since they were little girls. Unfortunately they live in Iran, where it is dangerous and illegal to be involved in same sex romantic relationships. As they get older, it becomes more difficult to imagine a future together. Nasrin has been betrothed to marriage with a man much older than her, and soon will not be able to steal kisses and embark on romantic adventures with Sahar the way she once was able. Sahar is desperate to find a way to be with Nasrin. In Iran it may be a crime to be homosexual, however, to be a man trapped in a woman’s body is nature’s mistake and the government will help pay for and support the decision to have a reassignment surgery. Is Sahar willing to give up the person who she has always been to be with the person she has always wanted to be with?

I have such mixed emotions about this book. It was heartbreaking to read about the very real truths about being homosexual in Iran. It was eye opening to learn about a culture that some openly and adamantly opposed same sex relationships. It was also interesting to learn about their support of gender reassignment surgeries. So while I enjoyed the harrowing learning aspect of this book I was really disappointed by the characters. I really wanted to root for them and be on their side, and while on the surface I was, I just didn’t really like any of the characters. Even though the story was good, I couldn’t get past this feeling. I just couldn’t relate to them.  I thought this was to a certain extent understandable, being from a very different culture, but I couldn’t truly like them. I actually wanted to reach my hand through the speakers in my car (audiobook) and slap each and every person. They all seemed to be shallow, self important jerks. It is not that I didn’t feel for them and sympathize with them, I just didn’t enjoy them.

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