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The Truth About Forever, by Sarah Dessen

51737The Truth About Forever
Sarah Dessen
2004 Penguin Group
ISBN –  9780142406250
Genre – Realistic Fiction
Age – High School
2.8 Stars

Macy’s life has been anything but perfect lately, she is recovering from the death of her father, and her mother has completely checked out. On top of that Macy’s perfect boyfriend Jason left for brain camp and she has taken over his job at the library information desk for the summer. Very quickly it becomes obvious that this will be a miserable job, and not much better of a summer overall. Just after Jason leaves, he sends Macy an e-mail saying that he would like to take a break from their relationship. Reeling from this information, Macy spontaneously decides to take a job with a local catering company, just to get a break from her normal life. During this stint she realizes that she doesn’t need to be perfect, she learns about good friends, and she learns how to be herself for the first time in years.

Oh Sarah Dessen, we meet again. Am I finally becoming nostalgic with your crappy boyfriend, messed up dad situation, weak girl learns something over the summer and miraculously becomes strong formula? I think not. This is the third Dessen book I have read, and I have yet to be surprised by any part of the plot. I have yet to be anything more than vaguely amused by the sad mentality of the main characters. More importantly I have yet to read a book of hers that makes me want to read another. Not only is the plot shallow, but so are the majority of the characters, and much of the emotions. They are however a fast and easy read that helps to pass the time.


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