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Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion

7619057Warm Bodies
Isaac Marion
2010 Random House Vintage
ISBN – 9780099549345
Genre – Apocalyptic, Humor
Age- Adult, High School
4 Stars


R is a zombie who lives at an abandoned airport. He meets a girl named Julie on a hunt for food, and begins to have strange feelings. Having feelings is particularly weird for R since he hasn’t had any in quite some time. When he brings Julie back to the airport to keep her safe, they begin to form a very interesting relationship, and R starts to change even more. He seems to be more and more human every day. Can he and Julie show the living humans that there is hope for the undead before all humanity is lost?

I am sure many of you have seen this movie, as have I. I heard from a friend that parts of the book were very different so I gave it a try. I have to mention that I listened to this book, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The narrator was fantastic. His voice perfectly captured a zombie who was teetering in between living and dead. His inner monologue was perfect in pitch, speed, and tone! There definitely were things in the book not included in the movie that I thought really added to the story. For instance, in the beginning R falls in love and gets married to a fellow zombie and is assigned kids. This is weaved into the plot in such an interesting way, and although it doesn’t majorly impact the outcome of the story, I really think it adds to his character building. Overall, I loved this book, and I wish that I would have read it before seeing the movie. Not that I disliked the movie, I just would have liked to listen to it with a fresh mind instead of with a comparative attitude. My favorite part about this book was the originality of viewpoint. I don’t mean R’s point of view. I liked the way that it was humorous, but not super funny. It had serious parts, as well as a smidgen of social commentary. I liked that I had a hard time categorizing it into a genre!


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