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The Short Giraffe, by Neil Flory

18162257The Short Giraffe
Neil Flory
Illustrated by Mark Cleary
2013 Albert Whitman & Company
ISBN – 9780807573464
Genre – Picture Book
Age – Toddler, Preschool
4.2 Stars

It is picture day for the giraffes! While Boba the Baboon is setting up the picture he realizes one little problem. One of the giraffes is so short that he can barely be seen in the picture. Geri, the short giraffe, wants so much to be in the photograph so they start trying out some different ideas including strapping stilts on to Geri, but he wasn’t very good at balancing. Will they ever find a way to get him into the picture? This book is colorful and hilarious. The pictures and the text go perfectly together in their adorable whimsy! Geri is sad and sweet, while all the other giraffes obviously love him. They are so accommodating and it shows in their solutions to the problem. Great for story time, as long as it isn’t a bedtime story!



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