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No One Else Can Have You, by Kathleen Hale

18052934No One Else Can Have You
Kathleen Hale
2014 HarperTeen
ISBN – 9780062211194
Genre – Mystery
Age – High School
4 Stars

Kippy Bushman lives in Friendship, Wisconsin, A quaint little town with less than 700 people. Everyone knows each other and no one locks their doors at night. That all changes when Ruth Fried (pronounced Freed) set out on her way to Kippy’s house and never made it. Her body was discovered the next morning, mutilated and disfigured and left hanging in a cornfield. As the police are eager to close the case they arrest Ruth’s ex-boyfriend, and called it good. Kippy, however, knew that something else was fishy in the town. She set out to uncover some of Friendship’s and Ruth’s deep buried secrets, but most of all she seeks justice for her best friend’s horrific murder.

This book sold me just from the cover. It is a wee bit weird, but definitely intriguing. I thought the plot seemed a bit like Fargo, which is great for me. Kippy is hilarious, I wish that I had her as a friend in high school. She is so full of emotion and sadness. She is also full of love, and it becomes obvious that she is one of those girls who will give everything to the ones she loves. I also love her ability to just be herself, no matter what anyone else thinks. The book turns from very serious at the start, to more of a lighthearted mystery in the end. I know that murder is not lighthearted, but somehow Kathleen Hale is able to make it slightly playful. I was a bit disappointed that I have guessed whodunit pretty early in the book, however, it was still fun to read.


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