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Branded by the Pink Triangle, by Ken Setterington

17076450Branded by the Pink Triangle
Ken Setterington
2013 Second Story Press
ISBN – 9781926920962
Genre – Nonfiction
Age – High School
4.7 Stars

Many people know the story of the utter discrimination and attempted extermination of different populations, especially Jewish people, during the Nazi power in Germany. Less is known about the persecution of homosexuals during the Nazi reign. Just a few years before World War II, Germany was one of the most tolerant locations for homosexuality. However, just before and during the war, gay people were arrested, tortured, and sent to concentration camps as well. This book tells their side of the story.

This book was sad, very sad, but also very informative. It is admitted that there has not been an overwhelming amount of research in this specific aspect of WWII, and it is evident in the short and succinct stories in this book. I appreciated that the author worked hard to find personal stories from people who were affected. Although I knew that homosexuals were persecuted, I did not know the horrible way they were treated after the war. As the many Jewish prisoners were released and treated well, gays were forced back into prisons, as it was still illegal in Germany. I also found it horrifying that it was not until the 1980’s that their suffering was even recognized. This was definitely a heart breaking and eye opening book.


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